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      Hawaiian Iced Tea

      • Prep Time
        No Prep
      • Cook Time
        1 Minute
      • Skill Level
      • Serving Size
      • NOH Ingredients


      • 1 package NOH Hawaiian Iced Tea (3 oz.)
      • 4 cups water (1 quart)

      Cooking Tools

      • Pitcher or Carafe


      1. Combine contents of package with 1-quart water Stir until well blended.
      2. Chill and serve with ice.

      Per glass: Add 2 tablespoons of Hawaiian Iced Tea mix with an 8 oz. glass of water. Add ice and enjoy!

      Also excellent as a hot tea!

      Royal Hawaiian Iced Tea: Add pineapple juice and/or spear of pineapple to each glass. Serve and enjoy!

      Makes a great mixer w/alcohol

      *Add more or less water for personal taste.

      NOH Ingredients in this Recipe