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      Hawaiian-Style Curry

      • Prep Time
        5 Minutes
      • Cook Time
        15 Minutes
      • Skill Level
      • Serving Size
      • NOH Ingredients


      • 1 package NOH Hawaiian Style Curry Mix (11/2 oz.)
      • 1 1⁄2 cups water
      • 1 lb. sliced cooked meat (chicken, shrimp, beef, lamb, turkey, etc.)

      Cooking Tools

      • Small mixing bowl
      • Skillet, frying pan or wok


      1. Combine contents of package with 1 1⁄2 cup water and mix well.
      2. Over medium-high heat, stir constantly until curry sauce thickens and boils.
      3. Pour over selection of cooked meat.

      OPTION: Add cooked vegetables (carrots, potatoes, celery, etc.)

      NOH Ingredients in this Recipe