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      Portuguese Sausage

      • Prep Time
        1 Minutes
      • Cook Time
        10 Minutes
      • Skill Level
      • Serving Size
      • NOH Ingredients


      • 1 Package NOH Portuguese Sausage Mix (11/8 oz.)
      • 1/2 Cup water
      • 1 lb. ground pork or ground turkey

      Cooking Tools

      • Medium Mixing bowl
      • Skillet or frying pan


      1. Combine NOH Portuguese Sausage Mix with 1/2 cup water, and mix well.
      2. Add 1 lb. ground pork or turkey and mix thoroughly.
      3. Shape into patties; Pan fry and serve.

      Note: This mixture can also be cased into sausages.

      NOH Ingredients in this Recipe